Dear Conference Participants,

We are so GLAD that you joined us at Saturday's "It Takes Courage" conference. The day was so packed with speakers and activities that we forgot to explain to you the purpose of the Red Duct tape in your bag with the word LIFE written across it. Tomorrow is the pro life day of Silent Solidarity where students are encouraged to wear this tape(we suggest in most high schools it may be best to wear on your sleeve or forehead, while some prefer to wear it across their mouth). The point is to refrain from all talking if you can, offering the attached flier as an explanation of why you are silent.

This will give you a good opportunity to use courage this week to peacefully call attention to others about the sanctity of Life.

Conference Planning Committee


"We are Pro-Life youth of Metro Detroit. We uphold the dignity of every human life, from the moment of conception until natural death. We go to school, listen to our ipods, play sports and enjoy dancing. We are daring to live our beliefs as best as we know how.

We hold an annual conference to spread the Gospel of Life to other youth, 8th grade thru college, who wish to better understand and a live what John Paul II calls the “culture of life.” This conference helps to build networks among our peers and equip each of us to go make a difference and to foster a change in the attitude of society toward life in all of its beautiful stages. We are Pro-Life Youth

If you or your school or youth group wants to get involved for this year’s event we would welcome your support. Call Cullen at 248-930-2982

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